Julia Kovalchuk admitted & nbsp; love for & nbsp; beautiful female forms | Volgograd News

Julia Kovalchuk admitted & nbsp; love for & nbsp; beautiful female forms | Volgograd News

Novosti Volgograd.ru already reported that on social networks Kovalchuk shares with subscribers how the video is being shot. In particular, after a long shooting day, Julia tried to sing the song “Barcelona” by the famous duo Freddie Mercury and Moterrat Caballe on a smartphone camera.

The ex-soloist of "Brilliant" and a former resident of Volzhsky, being in one of the hotels in Barcelona, ​​also talked about fatigue and said that there were only a few shooting days. And the day before, she appeared to subscribers in the image of an oriental woman somewhere in the desert or on the endless sandy beach of the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

On the singer’s head was a homemade turban of dark fabric. Julia said that in such a simple way she hid her hair from a strong wind. At the same time, she admitted that she really liked this photo, although it was taken by chance. The singer’s interest was caused by some oriental mystery of her own image.

“I’m not a Puritan, and I really like beautiful female figures and forms, but you must admit, there is subtle magic in this image of a woman,” wrote Yuli Kovalchuk in his Instagram account.

A criminal case against Konstantin Epifanov was initiated on the basis of materials from the FSB Directorate and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Volgograd Region.

The ex-official was accused of fraud with an overestimation of the number of trapped stray dogs, due to which he illegally received about 1 million rubles. This became an indirect reason that flocks of often embittered around Volgograd even more uncontrollably began, naturally, not because of the theft of an ex-official, but because of the power of their own nature, stray dogs.

At the last meeting, the prosecution requested for Epifanov two and a half years of a general regime colony for fraud, abuse of authority and forgery. In particular, in order to receive additional subsidies, the accused demanded that his subordinates overestimate the performance by 5.5 times. Also, according to the investigation, the former director fictitiously employed his acquaintance at the enterprise and received wages for him, which he spent on his own needs.

- The court found that from November 23 to December 27, 2017, employees of the Gorpitomnik MCP acting as directed by Epifanov, the number of dogs captured in the reporting documents was unjustifiably hanged by 685 units, as a result of which the company illegally received money from the municipal budget in the amount of 1,040,419 rubles, a source in the press service of the Volgograd Regional Court told Novosti Volgograd.ru a correspondent.

As the correspondent of the publication "NewsVolgograd.ru" from the courtroom, today the judge announced the verdict. The ex-director of MCP “Gorpitomnik” Epifanov received 1 year 4 months of a general regime colony on the aggregate of sane articles. The verdict has not entered into legal force and can be appealed to the court of appeal.

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